Apple, Google make a Deal That Controls the Internet

Apple, Google did a deal that manages the entire Internet. In an indicator antitrust protest, the Justice section is targeting a reticent consociation that is worth billions of dollars to each company.

OAKLAND, Calif. — When Tim Cook and Sundar Pichai, the chief executives of Apple and Google, were taking their dinner jointly in 2017 at a 5strar Vietnamese hotel called Tamarine, the photo set off a tabloid-worthy mania about the connection between the two most beefy companies in Silicon Valley.

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As the two men sipped red wine at a corner table inside the hotel in Palo Alto, their companies were enormous negotiations to renew one of the most profitable business deals in the history: a concurrence to feature Google’s SE as the preselected feature on Apple’s iPhone and other mobile devices. The updated deal was worth billions of dollars to each company and cemented their condition at the top of the tech industry’s packaging order.

Now, the consociation is in jeopardy. Last Tuesday, the Justice sector filed a landmark lawsuit contra Google — the U.S. government’s largest antitrust case in 20 years — and homed in on the association as a prime specimen of what prosecutors say are the company’s crooked tactics to save its monopoly and gag off competition in web search.

The scrutiny of the pact, which was 1st inked 15 years before and has rarely been talked over by either company, has highlighted the exceptional relationship between Silicon Valley’s two most renowned companies, an unlikely mash-up of rivals that regulators say is unfairly preventing little companies from growth.

“We have that type of strange conditions in Silicon Valley: co-opetition,” talked Bruce Sewell, Apple’s GC from 2009 to 2017. “You have a ferocious competition, but at the same time, you have the obligatory orgranization.”

Apple and Google are engaged at the ass even though Mr. Cook has told internet advertising, Google’s bread and butter engage in “surveillance” of users and even though Steve Jobs, Apple’s co-founder, a time promised “thermonuclear war” on his Silicon Valley manor when he learned it was working on a rival to the iPhone.


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