Facebook launches cloud games but says Apple won’t allow it on iOS


Facebook declared on Monday the introduction of cloud gaming on its desktop PC website and Android app but told it’s unable to launch the games to iOS due to Apple’s “arbitrary” roles.

Facebook’s web and Android users can use free-to-play games in seconds without leaving the social media network. Users play games that are streamed from Facebook’s data centers (DC) without downloading the game onto their devices. The idea is similar to services launched by Microsoft and Google, but without the console games offered by those services.

The barring of Apple devices from Facebook cloud gaming is the newest shot fired in a long-running fragment between the companies advertising

The conflict of words to a comment by Apple CEO Tim Cook in March 2018, criticizing the social network’s handling of consumer privacy after the Cambridge Analytica affair that resulted in the analytics of 87 million Facebook visitors being improperly accessed.

The previous month, Apple adjusted its roles around gaming services, saying that apps could offer offers to multiple games, but each game needs to be ratified by Apple and offered in its own app.

The ceremonial Facebook Gaming users account also makes a jab at Apple on Twitter: “You’ll just need the Facebook app on Android. iOS won’t functional for now a days. Because of Apple (sigh.).”

Facebook’s blueprint vs. Google, Amazon, and Microsoft

The games do not console or even on a par with cloud-gaming free services like Google Stadia, Amazon Luna, or Microsoft’s xCloud.

They’re the list of mobile games you can download on a phone or tablet device. They mentioned titles like “Asphalt 9: Legends,” which is a 3D racer game, and “PGA TOUR Golf Shootout,” a 3D golfing. Visitors will be able to play free games using their devices with touchscreens or mouse and keyboards.

“We think that will increases very swiftly because we’re not taking upfront and you don’t need to have a controller,” Rubin said. 


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