After work, is what determines your future!

jack ma

After work, is what determines your future! Jack ma utilize one hour per day doing these 5 things and life was changed forever and achieve success!

When you finish your office job work at around 6 in the evening, you come back home and decide to go to bed around 12 midnight. The question is how do you spend your free time after work?

Do you watch TV?

The activity you do between 6 am and 12 midnight, these are extremely important and usually their importance is far beyond your imagination.

Many people think that your future job is determined by the 8 hours of office work and the efforts and extra energy you put at work. Successful people also think that their future and future growth is dependent on their boss and the organization they work at.

However, the reality is completely different. To progress in life, you are exactly on your own.

“Cultivation”, it’s forever dependent by yourself.”

If you find yourself adhering to life and not moving forward and growing, do not criticize and held your boss or company responsibly. Truth is, it is you not your organization or boss who has failed to educate himself so therefore jame at a single point and not moving forward.

1. Your activity at night matters the most.

My major task in college was marketing, but I want to become a graphics designer. I practiced day and night, picking up some freelance projects to improve my designing skills. It required a lot of effort and beyond took a long time to get there.

Fast forward, I get a promotion and promptly I realize, I no longer need to be involved in the designing work. To progress further, I had to go back to my major subject education, yes — marketing, and I did that.

After office job hours as the night wears on, when my kids’ slept, I start seeking new things to increase my knowledge. This took some time but promptly, I began to realize the return of my investment in time to learn new things.

Had I spent time seeking new skills during my job hours, I would have never become a creative director in my company or progress in my career.

Honestly speaking, almost all the victorious people I know, walk the same path. Here’s another story, I have a friend who has an education in History but he was always interested in sales. To pursue a dream life, he does marketing and after work-hours, he learns how to code and makes good money with his side gig. Soon, he got a promotion to the position of vice president in a start company and that meant, a great job with a lot of facilities.

My friend worked hard and now a days he is the CTO of that company.

My other friend has an education degree in political science but he was always interested in entrepreneurship. He gained a lot of new knowledge on how to start a successful startup. Down the road, not only he founded a company but also sold it and made more money. Now he has reaped the rewards of his very hard work.

If you look at the success of people, what they are doing between 6 pm and 12 AM is what determines their future.

You could waste this particular time watching TV, engaging in social media, or YouTube.

I know, we all need work-life equalize and that’s very important.

If you are not engaged with a woman yet, you need your social time, work out hours, meet friends and family, watch movies but you can still choose.

You can select how to spend your time productively or simply waste it. Watching 20 hours of NetFlix series in a week or spending more hours on social media is a wastage of time. A time that can well be utilized constructively to learn new expertise and acquire new knowledge.

Spending time in a good manner for the right thing may not make sense today but in the future, when you take a look at your past and connect the dots, everything will begin to make sense.

2. Read more, anything will do!

Readers are leaders.

If you want to get something in life, reading is a key to bringing knowledge. When you read, it opens your mind to new chances in life and also prepares you for tough challenges in your personal and professional life.

3. Do some projects

Side Gig, a part-time project or freelance job can bring you a lot of money, and of course, as a participant for some community work, you get acknowledged for your services and get fame.

When you help with people their work, you learn new things, new skills. You learn how to do team management skills and allocate effort and resources in an efficient manner. You learn, how things work.

4. Build your connections

If you want to grow your career, start now building connections. Networking helps in accelerating your career.

A strong network of relationships can enable you:

  • Gain information and knowledge from experts
  • Help the company get more business
  • More income-generating opportunities

Another small tip is networking online, social media like Linkedin precisely. Take a look at people’s career increasing on LinkedIn. Connect with them.


The reason is very simple, who knows you might have just liked your future employer, boss, or colleague. Connections are very powerful assets in personal and professional life and they help you excel further.

5. The CHANGE of your LIFE starts TONIGHT

So my friend, starting today, and know that your evening will determine your future.

From 6 PM to 12 midnight,  you are free to do anything but if you choose productively, you can choose to lay down the foundation of your career growth.

A good career that I guarantee, after a year, your career, and life will change forever. (Jack ma success)


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