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New features coming with macOS Big Sur.

macOS big sur
macOS Big Sur features brings a refined new design, powerful controls, and intuitive organize options to the most advanced desktop operating system in the world.

Key Features and Enhancements


Updated menu bar

macOS Big Sur features: The updated menu bar is now taller and more translucent, allowing your desktop picture to extend from edge to edge. Words lighten or darken based on the color of your desktop organized picture. And pull-down menus are larger, with more space between the lines to make everything very easier to read.

Floating Dock

Updated Dock is lifted from the bottom of your display and is more translucent, allowing your desktop’s new wallpaper to shine through. And app icons are all-new and even very easier to recognize.

New icons for apps

App icons have been updated to feel both familiar and fresh. Icons have a new uniform shape but retain the stylistic touches and details that give Mac its character.

Lighter window appearance

Windows have a lighter, more spacious new appearance that makes them cleaner and very easier to work with. Additional translucency and rounded edges updated to match the radii of Mac create a cohesive new look and feel throughout macOS.

Redesigned sheets

Sheets in apps have been completely redesigned update, removing borders to put the focus on your content. They automatically dim the background and scale into the center of the updated app.

New and updated sounds

System sounds are all-new and even extra pleasing to the ear. The new system alerts have created applying snippets of the originals, so they sound familiar.

In macOS Big Sur features Full height sidebars

A new look for app sidebars makes it very easy to find what you want and gives you extra space to get things done. Easily track your inbox, access Finder folders, and organize your Photos, Notes, Stocks, and many more.

New symbols throughout macOS

Controls bring clarity and consistency across your apps, helping you fast recognize where to click. When apps share your common tasks — like viewing the inbox in eMail or date Calendar — they will share the same symbol. There are also localized versions of shapes with numbers, letters, and dates to match your mac language.

Control Center

Redesigned just for Mac, the new Control Center consolidates your favorite menu bar items into a single place to give you easy access to the controls you use. Just click the Control Center icon in the menu bar and adjust Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, AirDrop, and many other settings.

Notification Center

Updated Notification Center

A updated design Notification Center puts all your notifications and widgets into a single, organized column. Notifications will automatically sorted by most recent, and redesigned Today widgets deliver information at a store.

Interactive notifications

Apple Podcasts, Mail, Calendar, and many more. Simply click and hold the organize the notification to take action or get more information about. Reply to an all email, listen to the latest podcasts, and even expand a Calendar to see where the event falls in your days.

Grouped notifications

Notifications are grouped by app. Expand each group to see early notifications. You can also disable grouped notifications easily if you prefer to see them individually.

Redesigned widgets

Experience brand-new widgets and beautifully updated design widgets for Calendar, Stocks, Weather, Reminders, Notes, and Podcasts. Widgets also come in different sizes, so you can choose the one that works best for you.

Customize widgets

You can easily add new widgets to the Notification Center by clicking Edit my Widgets. Then customize the size to show the information you want to see and drag it into your widget organized list.

Discover more third-party widgets

Discover new third-party widgets also for Notification Center on the updated App Store.


Customizable start page

Customize your start page to make it your own. You can update a background image and select which sections are displayed on the start page — including Favorites, Siri, Reading List, iCloud Tabs, and even a complete Privacy Report.

Improved performance

Safari was already the most fastest desktop browser — and now it’s even fastest. Safari loads frequently visited sites 50 percent faster on percentage than Chrome.

Improved power efficiency

Safari is optimized specifically for Mac, so it’s faster than other browsers on macOS. Stream video for more than three hours long and browse the web for up to one hour longer on a Mac notebook as compared to Chrome or Firefox.


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macOS big sur

macOS Big Sur

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