Google Play Store tweak offers a boost to millions of Android fans

Google Play Store change

GOOGLE has just announced a major Play Store tweak that will benefit millions of Android users around the world. Here’s what you need to know about the big Play Store update.

Google Play Store has introduced a huge new tweak that will have an impact on millions of Android users worldwide. Android is one of the famous mobile OS used pieces of software in the world, with over two billion devices running the Google mobile OS. And the go-to-place for Android fans looking to download the latest and greatest apps is the official Store marketplace.

Any tweaks to the Google Play Store marketplace have a big impact on the Android userbase as a whole.

And the latest update to the Play Store could push Android fans running an older version of the OS (such as Pie or Oreo) to upgrade.

As reported on in a post by XDA Developers, Google has just shifted the API level requirement for updates on the Google Play Store.

After making sure all new Play Store apps in August were required to target at least Android 10, Google has now told developers all patches to existing apps must quarry Android 10 or higher. PROMOTED STORY

How to update on an Android device Video

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This essentially means apps which previously weren’t focused on Android 10 will now be pushed towards taking advantages of the OS’s software and security improvements.

In a post, online Google said: “Every new Android version launches tweaks that bring significant security and working quality improvements as well as enhance the user experience of Android overall.

“Some of these tweaks only apply to apps that explicitly declare support.

“Configuring your app to target a new API level ensures that users can benefit from these developments, while still allowing it to run on older Android versions. Thanks


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