WhatsApp plans to start charging a fee to some users


WHATSAPP has declared a lot of changes to its organization-focused WhatsApp Business spin-off, which allows WhatsApp users to communicate with organizations and brands to get customer support services, give reviews on an experience, or sell and buy items within the chat window.

business customers

WhatsApp has declared plans to take business users to use its heavily-successful messaging service. With more than two billion customers worldwide, WhatsApp is congenially the most famous chat app on the planet. When it introduced, the end-to-end encrypted system– which means the companies working on the app are impotent to see or scan the contents of the message’s existence sent using the service – charged users a yearly subscription fee to use the app.


However, following a high-profile purchase from Facebook – like an eye-watering $19billion – back in 2014, the chat app trench the subscription fee to increase its users. That’s something it has wangled at a staggering rate, however, Facebook is now seeking ways to recover some of that enormous starting outlay.


WhatsApp Business is the only solution. Using the same technology that enables billions of individuals to send messages, voice notes, photos, PDFs to one or hundreds of receivers in a group chat, Business is designed to replace the clunky user’s service chat windows discovered on websites when you’re looking to navigate an online order, get a refund for something you’ve bought or inquiry about your booking. It’s a special app, but if you’re already a user of WhatsApp, you’ll be able to sign in to chat with businesses with the same login.


According to a statement provided by WhatsApp, the chat app has now taken the resolution to “charge business users for some of the services”. It says this resolution “will help WhatsApp ongoing building a business of our own when we provide and intumesce free end-to-end secure text, video, and voice calling for more than two billion people”.


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