You can sound intelligent and professional by eliminating these 6 Habits from your life

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You can sound intelligent and professional by eliminating these 6 Habits from your life. Our world resides in individuals who possess varying levels of brainpower. At times, it becomes very hard to get an exact assumption of their intelligence. They believe that their intelligence is connected to their intelligence quotient, there are some practices many people unknown follow that can be direful for them in numerous ways.

integrate new habits into your practices can no doubt expand mental abilities and make you claver. But there are many habits you espouse that can make you look taciturn and less intelligent. Undeterred by knowing their uselessness, you continue to perform all these habits whereas avoiding them can make you seem a lot superior.

Following are six habits that make you taciturn in the public eye:

1. Not being aware of your clothing:

For every sporadically, there are some ways to dress up. If you are wearing a T-shirt and jeans in a formal event where everyone else is wearing a business dress or better, then you will consider dumb. It is because if you are intelligent, you will dress up according to the event you are going to. Therefore it is always better to know what the dress code is for every event and then dress up appropriately.

2. unsuitable posture:

The people believe you more when you represent yourself more seriously. But a hunched posture drags down your personality and makes you appear unprofessional. It is okay to sit in a relaxed possie when you are lazing on the divan watching TV but when you are job working; you need to espouse the professional way. Make sure that you sit attentive on your chair and your feel should firmly touch the ground. When you are in a business meeting, keep your hands on the front and eschew crossing them as it makes you distant from others.

3. Be attentive:

People who disposed of their heads more often are considered little intelligent. It is because this shows that they are not hearing attentively. People usually lean their head on one side and disposed which indicates that what is said to them, they are unable to understand it properly. People who are active and bright are expecting to perform their ideal. (sound intelligent)

4. Using Not good words:

When you are in an office meeting, the use of patois can make you stupid. When you are not aware of good wording then leave it instead of using wrong or using it incorrectly. You need to increase your vocabulary in order to build your character among people and to look more intelligent.

5. Undermining your thoughts:

When you underrate your opinion even before saying it, you lose all the character to even say it. For example, if you say “I am not confident but we should contemplate it….” then it means you have undermined the success of your opinion. It makes people easily disregard what you have told and make you seem less intelligent. So, always evince your thoughts without underestimating them.

6. Not being open to learning new knowledge:

People who are stopped from learning something new are often considered dumb. Be open to hearing the angle of thinking of other people and avoid reach to conclusions which is a sure sign that shows you are less intelligent. (sound intelligent)


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